What this project is about

Home, your home, your childhood home. Is it a place or a state of mind?

Your home could be a house, a certain neighbourhood, your hometown, a city, a country or even a continent.

For many people, home is a far away place: it either once existed, and now it doesn’t. Or it does exist and you don’t live there anymore.

This project asks you to share what home means to you, and we will share what homes means to us and our participants.

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Swenglish - a contribution from Sweden by Louise Halvardsson

When I was 19 I left my hometown Nässjö in Sweden and moved to Brighton, U.K. I wanted to get […]

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No Place Like Home UK workshops conclude

The day was marked by a mixture of pleasure and sadness – it was lovely meeting another great bunch of […]

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Brighton, Then & Now - Peter Chrisp

I recently came across a treasure trove of old photos of Brighton taken by photographer and historian Peter Chrisp. Peter has […]

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