Tell us about your story

Help me create a living archive of the Mexican-American neighbourhoods of downtown Austin. 

I need your help to tell the story about the Mexican-American people who helped create Austin’s rich cultural heritage, making it the successful city it is today. I am looking for photos or memories from the early 1900s through the 1930s, 50s until present day.

I’m also looking for stories from around the world about childhood home. 

Have you lost your childhood home or neighbourhood to gentrification? Or have you moved to the UK (or elsewhere) from somewhere else? Upload your photos and memories of your childhood home.

All contributions will be published on this website. I will be using some of the content contributed for my artist film entitled No Place Like Home, which will be screened in Austin and in various places in the UK in 2015 or 2016.

Please use this form to upload your photographs and share your stories or memories. Also please give me how you’d like to be credited. Anonymous contributions are also welcome, but please leave your email so that I can update you on my project.